Pension updation in RBI- an arduous journey ahead!

22 Sep

Our long pending issues of pension updation and opening of pension option remain unresolved. This is  despite retirees struggles for about more than a  decade. All sections of retirees have always whole heartedly supported the calls given by  United Forum of RB Officers and Employees  (UFRBOE). Alas! no result. Perhaps this forced UFRBOE to tone down their demand to relief in any form in lieu of Pension updation at the time when governor Rajan  was about to demit office. Yet no result.

Dr Rajan, after he joined RBI as Governor, raised our hopes throughout his tenure about the issues. He  continued to assure till his last day to keep patience and wait for the result. In fact, he, like his predecessor, has failed us. Perhaps he too was bidding for his time. However, we cannot easily forget that during his time in March 14 , he was able to secure a package deal about pension updation for retirees from the then DFS secretary Shri Takru. The package was initially rejected  by the in service  leaders. Political scenario changed and the package has been subsequently withdrawn by the present authorities in Finance ministry.

During the  demonstrations by retirees prior to the last strike action on 19th November, 2015 , it  is on record that the leaders, while addressing the  gatherings at Delhi and other places,  announced that they wont enter into any wage settlement unless Pension issue is resolved,  However, when 19th November strike hit the bureaucracy in Ministry hard, the wage settlement was given a priority over the helpless retirees demands. Strike  concluded on the assurance that the Bank is in  constant follow up with the ministry and the information and replies are being sent. The  updation of pension and opening of pension option would be resolved soon, it was said. Wait ! And we kept waiting till the guard vanished.
Now another phase of pleadings before the deaf authorities has begun. Retirees Association at Mumbai has already written letters with the same known arguments. UFRBOE is maintaining a stoic silence. May be leaders are  seeking audience with the Governor!
There are already reports that some leaders from  AIRBEA have  met the Governor . He wants to deeply go into the issue for which he wants to be briefed by DG (Admn) .
Failed by bureaucracy in the ministry and  frustrated by the inaction of the bank for more than a decade, the  retirees are bound to feel disappointed and restive. Naturally, some plead  forgetting the issue, some want to use politicians as a tool, and a section  intends to go for a legal remedy. These suggestions hint at  disenchantment with leadership.
Friends, we as a representative forum, which belongs to all category of pensioners,  are also receiving such requests.   AIRBOPF representatives were likely to meet shortly. But  our  President, Shri Kishore da, at Kolkata  has fallen sick  suddenly and critically . Once he recovers we shall be having a relook at the entire scenario and examine alternative strategies to follow in the circumstance.
Meanwhile, General Secretary, Shri Aherrao has written  a letter to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on 19th September 16 for updating the pension in RBI. Another  letter to the Governor  Urjit Patel reiterating the resolution of our just demands is here.
We are also in  touch with legal experts in the matter. But we  strongly hold that pensioners have only one class after they have retired from RBI. We also feel that social networking groups are not the appropriate  platforms for invoking the legal remedy.
The journey ahead has been made more arduous. Yet, we will continue our fight for the cause to the best of our ability and resources.
With good wishes

3 Responses to “Pension updation in RBI- an arduous journey ahead!”

  1. Mukundrai P. GANATRA 22/09/2016 at 2:10 pm #

    Pl.take legal action before end of our life.


  2. K. P. SASTRY 22/09/2016 at 3:11 pm #

    I as a Retiree of RBI wish to be apprised that the LIC case which is languishing in the HighCourt of Delhi has any similarity to our issue. The LIC case is prolonged and even interim relief has not been paid to them.
    In the prevailing scenario both RBI and MOF are unable to give any clarity on the issue.


    • wdtom 22/09/2016 at 5:20 pm #

      Supreme court has directed that DHC is to decide the case by Jan17. Interim relief paid but calculations are challenged by the Associations.


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