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Wait till eternity-RBI Pensioners!

5 Mar


A cartoon

A cartoon

The cartoon above was also published on Facebook X-Rbite group page and has many ‘likes’.
As per the information received under RTI act, 642 RBI-pensioners  died during the year 2013-14 only. Babus in M/o Finance are quite indifferent to this. Although  Governor has lamented the loss of life, but at the same time he  states what needed to be done on his part has been done. Meaning- Wait and wait till eternity! Let us wait!

Meanwhile,AIRBIOPF wishes a Happy Holi to all the followers , well wishers ,and  supporters!

RBI Pensioners-Pension calculator – Feb15 to July 15

31 Jan

51 Slabs more for RBI Pensioners – DR rates from February 15 to July 15

30 Jan

Latest DR rates effective February 15  for RBI/Bank Pensioners are given below.
These  rates are also applicable to  Pensioners from other Banks  who are getting full neutralisation  of DR .

MAF scheme- Group Mediclaim Policy renewed for 2014-15

20 Aug

RBI by its letter dated 14th August 2014 enhanced the Grade wise limits for Group Mediclaim Policy :

Grade-wise limits-Sum insured & limit of Bed charges of Retired Employee & Spouse

Category Sum Insured & Limit per hospitalization     ( Rs) Limit of Bed Charges per day for normal hospitalization(Rs) Limit of Bed charges per day for ICU( Rs)
1 Workmen(Class III & IV) 1,80,000 1,800 2,500
2 Officers Grade A 2,40,000 2,700 4,000
3 Officers Grade B 2,40,000 2,700 4,000
4 Officers Grade C 2,40,000 3,200 4,800
5 Officers Grade D 3,00,000 3,800 5,600
6 Officers Grade E 3,00,000 4,300 6,200
7 Officers Grade F 3,00,000 4,900 6,900
8 EDs 4,00,000 Unlimited Unlimited
9 DG & Governors Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

 Salient features of the scheme  

3rd Party Administrator:
Designated TPAs approved for the period 15th Aug 2014-14th Aug 2015-

Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, C.O.Departments
2.Vidal health TPA-Formerly.TTK HEALTH SERVICES 
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Belapur. Bhopal, CAB-Pune,Mumbai Regional Office
3.MD-India Healthcare Services (TPA)
Chennai, Hyderabad. Kochi, Thiruvanthapuram, Nagpur
4.Medi Assist India TPA
Chandigarh, Jaipur, Jammu. Kanpur, Lucknow, New Delhi, Patna 

Department Allotted to each TPA –download

relationship managers- locationwise-download

Daycare facility list



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