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RBI-Medical Assistance Fund Scheme (MAFS)-GMP (2015-16) for RBI retirees renewed with IFFCO Tokio GIC Ltd.

17 Aug

As the earlier cashless Medi claim policy taken from United India Insurance Company Ltd expired on August 14, 2015, RBI has ,now, renewed the policy for a period of one year (15-8-15 to 14-8-16)  with IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Ltd.- a private sector company.There is no change in the Third Party Administrators (TPAs) View/download the list.

Following enhancements/additions have been made:
i. Service Charge levied by the Hospital is payable within the sum insured.
ii. Psychiatric Treatment on IPO basis up to extent the Sum Insured is payable.
iii. Post hospitalization physiotherapy is to be covered up to 180 days, subject to  applicable per hospitalization ceiling
iv. Inclusion of Ayurvedic treatment for cancer patients at private Ayurveda  hospitals.
v. In case of bilateral knee or hip replacement surgery done during the same hospitalization cashless extended in empanelled hospitals to be made twice the  ceiling applicable.
The names, contact numbers and e-mail id of the designated TPAs and representatives of the Insurance Consultants are listed here.
In view of change in the Insurance Company, new ID cards will be issued to MAF members ‘in due course’. Till such time the existing MAFS ID card issued by the Bank as well as existing ID cards issued by the TPA will be valid for admission to the hospital.
As per our unhappy past experience with the Insurance company and TPAs regarding issue of new ID cards, and as  the Bank has used the phrase “in due course” instead of prescribing a time limit for issue of new ID cards, retirees may remain vigilant, and in case they do not receive new ID cards within 3 weeks, they should contact the Relationship Managers  concerned for immediate issue of ID cards along with details of Hospitals empanelled. It is improper for any Insurance company and against the conduct rules of IRDA to impose the ID cards issued by another company for unreasonably long periods .  
There is no change in the grade-wise limit for ICU, room/bed charges, sum insured per hospitalization as shown here.
The day care list will also be inclusive of day care Medical Treatment undertaken due to advancement of technology. The additions to the current list of 140+ day care treatment are:~ Traumatological Surgery and Orthopaedics – Reduction of dislocation under GA including K-Wire.
~ Other Operations / Procedure
• Carotid Artery Angiography
• Foam sclerotherapy
• Treatment of pemphigus vulgaris by rituximab therapy (injection rituximab)

Your may view complete List of Salient Features /Bank’s forwarding letter dated 14-8-15.

31 Slabs more for RBI Pensioners – DR rates from August 2015 to January 16

31 Jul

Latest DR rates effective August 2015  for RBI Pensioners are given below.
These  rates are also applicable to  Pensioners from other Banks  who are getting full neutralisation  of DR .

Investigations of Member Retirees (MAF cashless scheme) by TPAs not allowed -says RBI

30 Jul

In Bank’s RTI reply dated 29th July 15 to the  issues raised in our earlier post dated 17th July 15, the Bank says that such assailing of privacy was neither the part of the Policy nor it  was  allowed  by the Bank. It is further stated by the Bank that matter was taken up with all TPAs and they have assured that such incidence will not take place in future.

Further, the contents of the  correspondence annexed with the RTI reply, show that the Bank held a meeting with all the TPAs on 29th May 15 and they(TPAs) were advised to ensure that such incidents do not recur.

The TPA involved  in the matter -Medi assist- has since  apologised to the member retiree.

AIRBIOPF advises all the retirees to remain vigilant and bring to the notice of the Bank any issue that is not the part of the terms of Policy.


Pension updation in RBI-Recent Events

5 Jul
Silent protest at Chennai

Silent Protest at Chennai-2nd July 15

A silent Dharna was held at RBI Chennai on 2nd July 15 by the RBI retirees and all the working employees about the “unresolved problems of Pension updation and one more pension option etc.”

A memorandum was “presented to the Board members.
Incidentally, from other sources, it is learnt that the finance secretary was not present in the board meeting.

As per the  UFRBOE circular

Governor details DFS stand on stalemate

Governor details DFS stand on stalemate

the Governor… gave a detailed picture of the stand taken by the DFS (Dept. of Financial Services) and the Ministry, the efforts put forth by RBI so far to break the stalemate and with regard to the latest position.

He reassured the leaders his wholehearted support to the cause of the retirees.”

However,further contents of the circular contain oft repeated phrases like “concern about inordinate delay,” “continuing agitation relentlessly“, .. “Agitate and strike”. But no  details are given about the contentious issues regarding ‘stalemate’. The ‘latest position’ too remains unexplained.

Awaiting the promised solution

Awaiting the promised solution

   Moreover, there seems to be resentment amongst the retirees about the  silent protest/Dharna continuing as a ritual. Why no other steps have been initiated to effectively  resolve the issue so far?Or, are we wholly dependent on the Governor and his office for the things to move that needs no explaining?

Such inexplicable circumstances coupled with incomplete information are leading to various conjectures in the mind of retirees. Such conjectures are visible on Groups’ posts on the internet and other social sites in abundance. Such doubts are also being expressed in Private discussions and SMSs. No useful purpose will be served by reproducing what has already been doing rounds at the moment. The root cause of such conjectures and doubts is -the inordinate delay- as termed in the UFRBOE circular- and the incomplete information, deliberate or forced upon the united front.

We, however, advise the retirees, frustrated by the delay, who have been asking about the veracity of the  unconfirmed developments-negative or favourable- to wait and watch. Let us hope and pray the Ministry grants approval before the pending wage revision for 2012 is finalised. Otherwise, events in Banking Industry may force us to think “Which organisation in RBI is going to strike work for the retirees cause after the wage settlement is over?”


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