Medical Assistance Enhanced to Pre-January 1,1986 RBI retirees or their family members

21 May

Bank has  enhanced the quantum of Medical Assistance  being paid to pre-January 1, 1986 retirees or their family members who are drawing family ex-gratia or ex-gratia relief as under:


Class / Grade at the time of retirement /death while in service Medical Assistance
Class IV Rs. 9050/-


Class III RS.10,100/-
Officer in Grade A,B,C Rs.11,700/-
Officer Grade D & E Rs.13,300/-
Officer Grade F & Executive Director Rs.14,900/-

The enhanced assistance is effective from 1st May, 2018


GMP for OPD to RBI Pensioners-Delay in reimbursement of claims for spouses

20 Apr

Reproduced below is the letter addressed to RBI Governor on the above subject by RBI New Delhi OERS Optees and Pensioners Welfare Association on 20th April,18

” We express our thanks to the Bank through you for introducing the above scheme for Pensioners above 70 years of age at your own instance particularly considering the dire need for it in view of the financial hardships faced by these pensioners in getting costly medicines as out patients in clinics and hospitals. Although the scheme was officially launched from January 1, 2018, it was circulated vide CO. HRMD. No. G.69 /10631 /19.01.00/ 2017-2018 on November 10, 2017.

However, it will not be a happy augury to note that despite a lapse of about 4 months since the introduction of the scheme, not a single claim pertaining to the reimbursement of the cost of medicines incurred by these eligible pensioners on their spouses has been reimbursed so far. This inordinate delay is being attributed by the Insurance Company to not providing the data of such spouses by the Central Office of the Bank. Insurance company thereafter is required to forward the data to the TPAs to enable them to start processing the claims pending with them.

We are certain that your good self must be unhappy about it as 4 months’ delay is a matter for grave concern for the efficiency of the Bank in supplying the requisite data to Insurance Company, especially when the data was readily available with all the offices of the Bank.  It is all the more a matter for worrying that this inexplicable delay in providing the data to Insurance company that was already available with the offices and now stated to have been transferred to Central office cannot be overlooked causing agony and torture to the persons now over 70 years of age. Rather, it puts a question mark on the scheme itself particularly when it is not a bounty but only a nominal relief in the form of reimbursement of expenses already incurred by the Pensioners.

We shall, therefore, appreciate your response to this aspect and humbly request you to personally look into the matter and direct the concerned Central Office Departments to expedite the matter without any further delay.  In the meantime, let the Bank advise the Insurance Company to process all the claims received by it in respect of spouses of pensioners on the basis of data available with pensioners/ validation forms if already available with the Company.

In no case, such claims should be kept pending for reimbursement as it amounts to hardship and suffering for the pensioners on account of deficient functioning of the Scheme by Insurance Company for which Bank cannot claim immunity as per law being the originator of the scheme duly published and circulated.  

While thanking in anticipation, we hope for positive results in response to this communication.”

Yours faithfully

GMP For OPD to RBI Pensioners 70+; TPA cards for spouse and related issues

18 Apr

Subsequent to  our post dated 13th February 2018, regarding issue of  spouse cards, RBREA Chandigarh  have now raised urgent issues about the implementation of the scheme. In their letter dated 12th April,2018 they  have requested the Bank to revisit the scheme.

Some of the issues, among others,  that have been addressed to the Bank are:

  1. The scheme should have been extended to all retirees.
  2. The work should have been entrusted to the local Medical sections, instead of outsourcing the job to the TPAs at exorbitant premiums to Insurance company and brokers, whose strategy of dilatory tactics  regarding settlement of claims is widespread and insensitivity towards the suffering claimants is extensive.
  3. Central office is required to monitor the large scale pendency of claims with TPAs. Bank must  introduce a system wherein reasons for delay/pendency maybe  called for, say MIS (Monthly Information Statment)  showing the details and reasons for pendency.
  4. A very large number of claims pertaining to spouses are lying pending with TPAs  since January 18 .This is despite the fact that an assurance was given by the TPAs and the bank  that Claims regrading spouse will be  reimbursed even if cards to spouse has not been issued, on the basis of the existing data of pensioner  and spouse available with bank.
  5. As already stated in our earlier post, TPAs have informed that unless data about the spouse is not provided to  them by Central office, they will keep the reimbursement of such claims pending with them, as  the condition of lodging the claim is within 60 days of the treatment.
    This practice of acknowledging the claims and keeping them pending  makes no valid sense to us. Rather,  this practice disregards the  spirit of the scheme and  also breaches  the provisions of the scheme wherein the claims once acknowledged are required to be reimbursed within 15 -20 days irrespective of the fact that whether the claims belong to pensioners or their  spouse. Data issues can be looked into and sorted subsequently and corresponding data entries in the records made afterwards.
  6. As per sources, Central office may take another month  to provide the data to the insurance company who are required to transfer the data further to TPAs concerned.

Delay of about four months in providing the data that is already available with offices and has since been transferred to Central office  does not speak well of the functioning  in the Bank. Die hard advocates of the bank  who prefer to  overlook inordinate delays in almost all matters pertaining  to retirees  and shower praises on  the Bank for bringing the scheme on its own, must also consider that a suffering claimant’s account needs  reimbursement that in many cases runs in thousands. Of what use the praise of the bank is to him?

Eulogies may be kept pending for other issues, such as pension update and opening of pension option, where the bank could have acted on its own under the law but is evasive.

A letter in this regard is being  faxed to the Governor.

Dispensary facilities under MAF scheme-system improvements.

14 Apr
 RBI New Delhi OERS Optees and Pensioners Welfare Association by their  letter dated 31st December 17 to the Governor, RBI   had requested the bank  to evolve a system wherein the old and sick, feeble and incapacitated retirees are issued medicines without visiting the dispensary.
New Delhi OERS optees Association has, now, received a reply dated 13th April 2018 from Bank that states:
  1. the matter has been carefully  considered but it is  not possible to accept it in the current  circumstances.
  2. However, the matter  will be reconsidered at the time of re-organizing  the existing  dispensary module.

We, therefore, request UFRBO&E and all other RBI retirees’ organisations that negotiate with the Bank regarding  system improvements in medical  facilities to retirees to  take a note of the bank’s letter dated 13th April, 2018.

They may also  note to follow up with the Bank about  the issues raised  at the appropriate time and level so that  the medicines are delivered to ailing  retirees without visiting the dispensary as explained in  letter  dated 31st December 17 .





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