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27 Feb

 Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BC & SBI) is to empanel Retired Bank officer  (Chief Manager)/RBI Officers (DGM, AGM, Or Equivalent) as Authorised Field Officers. View/Download Details & Format For Submitting Resume.

Some of the Basic requirements are:
* Qualification: Retired Bank Officer / RBI Officer.
* Designation/ Grade at the time of retirement: Deputy General Manager/ Assistant General Manager /Chief Manager or equivalent.
* Age: Not above 64 years as on 31/03/2016.
*Preferred Experience: Operational / Supervisory Banking / Audit   Knowledge of Local Language would be preferred.
*Willing to visit a few branches in rural areas
* No. of days needed for assignment: 20 to 25 days. (One branch per day basis) *Remuneration: A lump sum remuneration per branch of Rs 2000/- or an amount which will be decided later.
* Survey period: Tentatively in August / September 2016 (Exact period will be advised to selected FMs one month in advance before start of the survey.

In this connection , our New Delhi Unit -RBI New Delhi OERS optees & Pensioners Welfare Association- has also received a letter from RBI New Delhi for bringing the contents to the notice of retirees from RBI and Banks.


Converting PDFs with Google Drive

13 Feb

Portable Document Format (PDF) is now an open standard for electronic document exchange maintained by ISO. When you convert documents, forms, graphics, and web pages to PDF, they look just like they would if printed. PDF files can contain clickable links and buttons, form fields, video, and audio — .  , Anyone can read PDF file  using free Adobe Reader® software or the Adobe Reader mobile app.
 We need to edit a PDF, because some mistakes have crept in or we want to extract a part of the PDF or we want to share the contents with a person who has only  notepad/excel.
Adobe has many paid services like Acrobat XI, costing from Rs 13000/- to 30000/-.
Many free online converters are available for the purpose  if we Google ,but  they have the limitations like the size of file/number of files etc.Some desktop converters like Free PDF to Word Doc converter is capable of only  inserting  the image of the PDF file into a Word document, but it fails to extract text out of it  for use in Note pad or word pad  for editing.  OCRs are needed for this, which extract text as from scanned or printed documents.
For retirees like us, who hate to spend money on software at this age  Google Drive is a free utility to convert PDFs to Text.
Below are the step by step instructions :

1. Sign in to Google Drive and if  you are not subscribe to G mail or Google drive Sign up.
2. Go to Google Drive.
Google Drive

Sign in to Google Drive

3. Go to settings in Google Drive.
click settinss on top right

click settinss on top right

 and select convert text  from PDF and image files.

4. Upload the PDF file to Google Drive.

upload file

Upload PDF file from your computer

5. After the file is uploaded ,select it and open it.




6. You may even download file form Google drive in the follwing formats


select the file and download the format as desired

Download in any of the formats shown

Download in any of the formats shown

Please write if you have any doubts.


Computer skills for retirees

10 Feb

Many of our subscribers who are seniors and bank retirees have an urge to share , with family and friends, on the internet or social media . Rather, for many it has become a compulsion in the modern day world.
Many seniors also wish to learn about basic computer terms like file transfers, converting files from one form to another, Pdfs to Docs and vice versa, blogging, downloading torrents… etc.
However, some time when engaged in their passion, they feel stuck and need help. But computers’ know-how,like an ocean, remains a very real barrier. Age also adds to their problems. And so, fed up they feel like resigning.
This page is to help them.
Please share your problems without any hesitation and we shall learn the solutions together.
And continue to share your passion!

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