RBI-Medical Assistance Fund Scheme (MAFS)-GMP (2016-17) for RBI retirees renewed with United India Insurance co.

17 Aug

The earlier cashless Medi claim policy with the private sector company – IFFCO TOKIO– expired on August 14, 2016. RBI has ,now, renewed the policy for a period of one year (15-8-16 to 14-8-17)  with United India Insurance Co. Ltd.(UIIC).
There is a change in the Grade-wise limit for ICU, room/bed charges, sum  insured per hospitalization.
There is no change in the Third Party Administrators (TPAs) View/download the list.
Following enhancements/additions have been made:

I.  Ayurveda treatment at CGHS empaneled Ayurvedic hospitals.
II.  EECP (Enhanced external counter pulsation) to be included under the policy on OPD basis up to the per hospitalization limit. Settlement of claim to be done on reimbursement basis only after completion of full treatment.
III. Donor Medical expenses in case of transplants like kidney, liver etc. to be covered within the sum insured (Organ cost not covered under policy)
IV. The day care list will also be inclusive of day care Medical Treatment undertaken due to advancement of technology. The additions to the current list of 140+ day care treatment are:
(a) Cost of CRF/CKD treatment including the cost of injection
Erythropoietin/Cyclosporine/Sandimmune up to admissible per hospitalization limit on cumulative basis .

Other Operations / Procedure
(b) Cystoscopy
(c) All types of angiography covered
(d) Photo dynamic laser therapy covered under ARMD treatment
The names, contact numbers and e-mail id of the designated TPAs and representatives of the Insurance Consultants are listed here.

New TPA cards will be issued to MAF members in due course. Till such time the existing MAFS ID card issued by the Bank as well as existing ID cards issued by the TPA will be valid for admission to the hospital.

As members’ have unhappy past experience with the TPAs regarding issue of new ID cards, and as  the Bank has not prescribed any time limit  for issue of new ID cards, retirees may remain vigilant, and in case they do not receive new ID cards within 3 weeks, they should contact the Relationship Managers  concerned for immediate issue of ID cards along with details of Hospitals empanelled. 

Your may view complete List of Salient Features /Bank’s forwarding letter dated 12-8-16.


One Response to “RBI-Medical Assistance Fund Scheme (MAFS)-GMP (2016-17) for RBI retirees renewed with United India Insurance co.”

  1. Ramesh Oberoi. 17/08/2016 at 10:33 pm #

    How about TPAs passing bills @₹2700 and settling the bill proportionally.pl look into this.


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