17000 RBI staff to go on mass casual leave on 19th Nov. 15

14 Nov

United forum of Reserve Bank Officers and Employees has issued a press statement calling for mass casual leave by 17000 RBI staff, including very senior officers on 19th November 15, to protest against the government moves to cripple functions and working of RBI. The protest is also aimed at the  dilatory tactics being used by the Ministry of Finance  regarding  revision of Pension in respect of RBI Retirees .

Unions in RBI have long been pursuing for reasonable  improvements in pension, as the basic pension once fixed in RBI is never revised, although the pension scheme  in RBI is analogous to Pension Scheme in Central Government. In respect of  about 50 lakh Central Government pensioners , the periodic revision is done with every pay revision.  Moreover, the Pension in RBI was once  revised by Central Board and implemented for pre-2002 retirees, but was later withdrawn on account of unjustified and unilateral orders by M/o finance. Retirees concerned  had to approach Mumbai High court to get the unilateral orders stayed. The  issue of not updating pension is hanging for about a decade and ministry is keeping the employees genuine demands in limbo. Fed up with the Government’s  tactics, the present RBI Governor  included the problem with Government in para x.28 of the RBI Annual report 2015, which no earlier governor  liked to do.
The proposed protest is also to Save RBI from the transparent  agenda of GOI to cripple RBI, despite cautionary signals from the economists of fame. Rigidity by M/o Finance in the above issues is a matter of deep concern for the RBI staff. ” If very reasonable demand of improvement in  Pension is not met as  demanded by the staff, the agitation will be further escalated in the coming days”  says the press release.

AIRBIOPF fully supports the demands of the retirees and working employees and advises all the members to participate in the programme on 19th November 15 at their offices of RBI.


6 Responses to “17000 RBI staff to go on mass casual leave on 19th Nov. 15”

  1. vrrAO 14/11/2015 at 1:29 am #

    The protest may be followed up by Relay hunger strike across the Country before all the RBI Offices by Retired employees together with working employees to continue pressure on the Bank/Govt.


  2. M.MMALLIKARJUNRAO 14/11/2015 at 7:08 am #

    Thanks for highlighting an important problem of RBI RETIREES, who have been struggling for a decade to achieve justice for themselves and for other Retirees of Commercial Banks.
    The Govt of India, MoF, DFS has been very vindictive towards the RBI RETIREES over a period of a decade with regard to Revision of Pension and also extending one last Option to join the RBI PENSION SCHEME for the remaining few hundreds of CPF HOLDERS. Let me hope at least now they will give clearance to the proposals of RBI in this regard.


  3. K.P.SASTRY 14/11/2015 at 8:59 am #

    Increase in swatch bharat cess at 0.5% the
    service tax payable by all comes to 14.5%w.e.f
    15-11-2015.As it is inflation being on high
    Side it is going to be burden to all ex rbites as their pension is not revised due to certain queries raised by Ministry Of Finance.Though
    RBI has 1000 crores pension funds GOI
    assistence no longer required the matter is hanging in fire and the issue is precipitated now. Also the Public Debt Management
    hitherto managed by RBI is being taken away
    from it. The recent Bihar elections result and
    mass casual leave by 17000 staff of RBI will definitely have an impact on BJP GOVT
    at center.


  4. Dr Satyendra Nath Pandey 18/11/2015 at 12:16 am #

    1. The MOF should be confronted head-on saying the following.
    i. that they are in no way better than RBI officers in educational qualifications, capacity, capability, efficiency, knowledge, etc,.
    ii. that in no way are the Central Government Officers superior than rest of the human beings in other Departments in India.
    iii. that it is one country and any Pension Formula has necessarily to be one and the same for all categories of Officers/Staff working in the country. Central govt officers getting getting pension on a different scale is FULLY WRONG, ILLEGAL, UNETHICAL, UNJUST and cannot be allowed.
    Rather this discrimination must be challenged directly in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. It has to be checked and they must be shown the reality.
    iv. that Legal Notice be served on the MOF before initiating action as suggested at para (iii) above.
    Without effectively confronting them on their Salary, Perks, Pension Formula, they shall not see reason to move in our case.
    v. that they do not enjoy that power as to sit on our Case infinitely. Their Powers be challenged without diluting the efficacy of appropriate words. It is too much. How can they play with the Pensioners of other Deptts other than those from the Central Govt ? They don’t enjoy UNLIMITED POWERS and cannot be allowed to enjoy.

    2. RBI’s active Staff may like to take along the Unions/ Associations of all other Banks. There is no harm if all get same Pension Formula. The amount of pension shall be different for different Grades/ Scales according to the Salary Scales obtaining in different Banks. This way, shall the united power of the Banking Sector shall crush the ego of the personnel of the MOF and others concerned.

    Dr Satyendra Nath Pandey
    Retd GM-NABARD (Past in RBI)


  5. k.s.prasad. 19/11/2015 at 9:02 am #



  6. VRRao 13/12/2015 at 11:58 pm #

    The post Mass casual leave developments reveal that the Bank has decided to adopt divide and rule policy.Therefore the Bank commenced negotiations on charter of demands at the same time telling the Associations that the Pension issues are not a part of these Negotiations and are being pursued with MOF by the Governor “sincerely”.The Associations praised the Governor for his sincere afforts in pursuing with the MOF and proceeded with COD.At Kolkata also only the Retired employees Associations met the Governor on Pension issues and the United forum was conspicuously absent.As usual he conveyed his sorrow for the retirees who left for heavenly abode with unfilled desire of Pension updation close to their heart.He also said that Pension issue is being discussed on that day,i.e.,on 10/12/2015 also by his deputees with MOF and he is hopeful of a positive outcome which we will never know.

    The Management and the Govt. achieved their objective of isolating the retirees .The retirees can not on their own bring any pressure on RBI and the Bank will continue to pursue the Pension proposal with MOF till this Governor is in office and beyond and till the voice of these septuagenarians and Octogenarians and other retirees become sillent.


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