Investigations of Member Retirees (MAF cashless scheme) by TPAs not allowed -says RBI

30 Jul

In Bank’s RTI reply dated 29th July 15 to the  issues raised in our earlier post dated 17th July 15, the Bank says that such assailing of privacy was neither the part of the Policy nor it  was  allowed  by the Bank. It is further stated by the Bank that matter was taken up with all TPAs and they have assured that such incidence will not take place in future.

Further, the contents of the  correspondence annexed with the RTI reply, show that the Bank held a meeting with all the TPAs on 29th May 15 and they(TPAs) were advised to ensure that such incidents do not recur.

The TPA involved  in the matter -Medi assist- has since  apologised to the member retiree.

AIRBIOPF advises all the retirees to remain vigilant and bring to the notice of the Bank any issue that is not the part of the terms of Policy.



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