RBI Retirees’ subjected to Investigations on behalf of TPA under (MAF)Cashless Scheme

17 Jul

We have received reports that  TPA Medi Assist is subjecting retirees-(MAF) member patients- to uncalled-for investigations while the patients are undergoing treatment/procedures at the approved hospitals. The investigations have been conducted at the residence of the patient after the discharge from the hospital and, in some cases, at the Hospital concerned prior to the discharge. The members undergoing treatment/procedure have also been photographed through a mobile by the Investigator.

The  investigations are being conducted  through  companies who are not  parties to the agreement that  Bank entered into  with United India Insurance Company Ltd.,

In a recent case,  representative of the investigative company – Hoaxicide Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Ghaziabad–  visited the residence of a retiree patient after his discharge from the Hospital. The representative sought to photograph the retiree as also wanted the patient to disclose other personal details about him and his family within few hours of the cataract operation undergone by the patient member of MAF.

Incidentally, Hoaxicide Healthcare Pvt., Ltd. Ghaziabad is being run from a House in INDIRAPURAM, GHAZIABAD – having only two directors, one of whom appears to be nominee of a Doctor employed with TPA. The so called investigator was thoroughly ignorant of the medical know-how and asked questions such as why you chose this hospital?, is there no other hospital near your residence? Under the scheme circulated by the Bank treatment can be had anywhere in India in an hospital provided in the booklet issued by the TPA.

RBI New Delhi OERS optees & Pensioners Welfare Association by their letter dated 16th July 2015 have referred the matter to central office, although  an undated apology letter has been received from the TPA that ducks the issues raised  by the concerned member in his letter dated 14th May 2015.

Such  investigations give rise to various issues of impropriety by the TPA and are  given below :

1) Such investigations are  not the part of the features of the scheme as circulated by the bank. and amounts to  a breach of contract. They hint more towards a nexus between the investigating company and some professionals in the TPA.

2) these investigations invade the privacy of the patient concerned at a time when he needs rest and peace of mind most to recuperate. Are such investigations not a threat  to his security in the prevailing law and order situation in the Metros.?

3) Whether taking the photograph of the member of MAF by a private unknown person at the residence of the retiree or at the approved hospital prior to discharge/after discharge is proper when the Bank had already provided photographs to TPA.

An application under RTI act has also been filed with the Bank and  the latest position in the matter will be communicated in due course.


7 Responses to “RBI Retirees’ subjected to Investigations on behalf of TPA under (MAF)Cashless Scheme”

  1. Mundanthottil Janardanan 18/07/2015 at 6:25 am #

    Thanks for the msg…



  2. Dr. Dalsingar Yadav(M14) 18/07/2015 at 10:00 am #

    RBI has appointed the agency for giving service, not for policing against retirees.

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  3. ptachuthan 18/07/2015 at 1:23 pm #

    Dear Sir

    I retired as AGM from RBI, Ahmedabad under OERS on 31.03.2004. I would like to be a members of the OERS ​Pensioners’ forum. Kindly let me know whom should I approach for the purpose.

    Further, I have come to know that the OERS retirees were entitled to income-tax exemption on Rs.5.00 lakhs against the ex-gratia amount paid by the Bank. I came to know about the same recently only after my joining the EXRBITES Group. I shall, therefore, be grateful whether I can raise a claim with the Income Tax Department for refund of the income-tax paid by me on this amount at this juncture.

    Alternatively, since I had opted for OERS under the terms and conditions laid down by the RBI and one of the conditions was that I would not be entitled to IT exemption on ex-gratia, and the court’s ruling resulted in a major change in the terms and conditions of OERS, entitling me for IT exemption on Rs.5.00 lakhs, I feel that RBI was duty-bound to inform me about the court ruling so that I could have approached in time the IT department for refund of the IT paid by me on this amount. Since RBI has not done this, can I raise a claim against the RBI? I shall appreciate your guidance.

    All the best to the OERS Pensioners’ Forum.

    P.T. Achuthan M: 97273 93185


    • wdtom 19/07/2015 at 4:15 pm #

      forum consists of OERS/retirees’ associations. any oers optee is a welcome member.
      the details are available at our website link http://www.airbiopf.org/index.php/oers/option-early-retirement-scheme; consequently, bank had issued a letter to the OERS optees wherein they were advised to contact ITax authorities without time limitations. In case you did not receive it from the bank, get a copy, and engage some CA in the matter. also refer to SMS


  4. BADRI 18/07/2015 at 1:53 pm #


    Atrocious, to put the least terms.=Badri


  5. R.C.Das 18/07/2015 at 10:57 pm #

    TPA hAs no business to harass. The cataract patient.if he shifts to own house and saves on room rent etc,the patient should be. Appreciated.



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