Events This Week-About Pension Updation

2 Mar

1.All India Reserve Bank Retired Employees Association Mumbai, has  convened a meeting of the CEC members   in Mumbai on 6th and 7th  March 14.
Reporting on ” RESTORATION OF PENSION UPDATION “, is the first item on the Agenda circulated to CEC members.
Needless to say. the pension scheme in banks needs a revision urgently. The last time bank pensions were revised was for pre 1997 retirees.Since then many government  pension schemes such as the Railways and Defence(one Rank One Pension) has made a significant face change. But, the government is not allowing to update the pension scheme in banks.

2. All India Bank Retirees Federation is holding a MASSIVE RALLY CUM DHARNA at Jantar Mantar New Delhi on 7th march 14  from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. to protest against indifferent attitude of the government towards long pending demands of the retirees.
“BANK RETIREES ARE ANXIOUS ABOUT UPDATION OF PENSION ….” says the press release of Retirees Federation.

Incidentally, IBA is to hold discussions on wage settlement with UFBU on 3rd March 2014 after the recent successful strike of bank employees.
Central Board of Directors of Reserve Bank of India is also  likely to meet at New Delhi on 7th March 14.  Let us hope that this meet does not remain an annual Post Budget  exercise.
AIRBIOPF wishes success to  the efforts made by all the Retirees and their respective Associations/Federations.
Let us  pray with a hope that  7th March be an eventful day in the life  of RBI pensioners as well as Bank Pensioners.

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