Family Pension updated in RBI-Calculator for revised Family Pension

23 Mar

RBI vide its circular dated 18-3-2013 has updated the family pension payable to family pensioners effective 12-1-2013.This was a long outstanding demand of pensioners/family pensioners.
Family pensioners in RBI were so far getting a pittance in the name of family pension as compared to central and state Government family Pensioners.
Although a wrong has been undone for future, the consequences of financial agony and accompanying pain imposed by stubborn and hyper technical attitude along with dilatory tactics of the M/o finance during the last 3 decades can never be undone.

The circular issued by RBI is couched in legal technicalities which forces family pensioners to seek help from others. We, therefore, give below the important changes made with regard to  payment of family pension.
Family Pension = 30% of the last pay drawn (LP);   subject to minimum 3500/- & maximum 24495/-
nd the last  pay drawn(LP) stands   revised now as shown against items 1-5.
To get the revised  last pay drawn , j
ust find  the date from which one became a family pensioner from the periods against items 1-5 below and apply the formula shown there against:

  1. 1-11-1987 to 31-10-1992 = LP x 2836/600 = say LP1
  2.  1-11-1992 to 31-10-1997 = LP x 2836/1148= say LP2
  3.  1-11-1997 to 31-10-2002 = LP x 2836/1684= say LP3
  4.  1-11-2002 to 31-10-2007 =LP x 2836/2288= say LP4
  5. 1-11-2007 onwards =          LPx2836/2836= LP
    The figures denoted by LP,LP1-LP4 is Revised last pay admissible for calculation of family pension. 
    And Family pension in now 30% x LP1
    or 30% x LP2
    or 30% x LP3
    or 30% x LP4
    or 30% x LP
    as the case may be.

    having got your family  pension as  above, multiply it by 70.20% to get the DR up to 31-01-2013 and 80.25% to get the DR w.e.f, 1-2-2013.
    Use the calculator  where just enter
    ( i ) the date from which  one became a family pensioner and
    (ii)  unrevised last pay being received.
    you will get the revised family pension and total pension in a click.
    Hope it helps!

12 Responses to “Family Pension updated in RBI-Calculator for revised Family Pension”

  1. prem sunderdas 01/05/2013 at 4:15 am #

    Calculation appears complicated. I retired as Manager in 2002 and my my current pay is -Pension Rs.6142 and d/a Rs.18198 =24340.00(commuted) .Presuming my death is on !.05 2013 what is the family pension my spouse will get.


    • wdtom 01/05/2013 at 7:21 am #

      The data submitted does not give your exact date of retirement which is a must for correctness of the result. Any way your date of retirement is prior to 1-11-2002 , because you are getting commuted pension 6142 and DA 18198 which seems 1.9752 of 9213 which is your basic pension. for family pension you need consolidated pay at the time of death.
      Basic pay at retirement in your case comes to 2*9213=18426.Now as per the revision of FP your consolidated/revised basic pay is 18426*2836/1684 =31031 and 30% of this comes to 9310 which will be the FP of spouse. you will get the latest da 80.25% =7472.And total payment will be 16782. To avoid all these complications one can enter date of retirement and the figure 18426 in the FP calculator to get the same result in a click.


      • Prem Sunderdas 25/05/2013 at 12:15 am #

        Thanks, I have a fair idea of family pension. However how does 18426*2836/1684=31031? Kindly explain if you do not mind.


      • wdtom 25/05/2013 at 7:14 am #

        As per my calculations it is 31030.95962,and if rounded off It is 31031.It is so because the 2836 points have been merged till 31-10-2007-the last agreement. and when the basic was 18426 only 1684 points had been merged.In case the basic pay was merged beyond 1684 as detailed in the post you may substitute the figures accordingly.


  2. Prem Sunderdas 27/05/2013 at 1:08 pm #



  3. Prem Sunderdas 17/07/2013 at 1:53 pm #

    Can wdtom please tell me in which month the amount for annual medical checkup is credited to bank a/c


    • wdtom 26/07/2013 at 5:50 am #

      in July- may be with july pension


  4. Gaurav 04/08/2013 at 11:14 pm #

    I am not able to calculate the family pension. Actually my father took the VRS on 31 march 2001. At that time he took around 40 percent commutation which was appox. 14 lac. Unfortunately i lost my father in last year. Now, the last year my mother was withdrawing the pension as family pension around Rs 9000 and in month of feb to june she got more than RS. 12000. Suddenly the pension has been decreased. Now last month she got Rs 6100 and this month Rs. 5020. We are not able to understand why these things are going.
    Details which i know are according to the pension cell document which was sent in year 2010 was…. Basic pension revised Rs 4870, commuted portion was Rs 1418, Commuted value was Rs 210115, Date on which commutation has become absolute 160401, pension after commutation on 1 may 2005 is Rs 3452, Dearness relief factor was 11.1600 an slab was 224. Could you help me to calculate the family pension.???? His DOB was 1.1.1948.


    • wdtom 05/08/2013 at 2:00 pm #

      Please provide the date when your father expired and the RBI office from which he retired,and from which office your mother is getting family pension.Also, his basic pension that he was getting and last total pension he got or credited to his account as on month/date of his death to arrive at the correct figure.
      However ,As per the data submitted by you your father retired on 31-3-2001.
      His DOB 1-1-1948
      Death in 2012-. and the pension you mother is getting after commutation is 3452. At the same time you say the basic pension is 4870.?
      instructions for revised family pension are contained in Co. letter HRMD no. G102/5998/21.01/2012-13 date 18-3-2013. copy enclosed.
      Assuming basic pension is Rs 4870 then basic pay admissible for fixation of family pension as per above central office letter should be minimum of 4870 X 2 =9740.
      Now your father retired on 31-3-2001 and died last year so as per example given in C.O. letter dt. 18-3-13 your mother’s family pension should be calculated as under:
      admissible pay for revised family pension:
      9740 X 2836/1684=16402
      30% of 16402 = 4921.
      since your father has drawn pension for more than 7 years your mother is eligible for reduced family pension of Rs. 4921.
      the DR in Feb 13 to July 13 is 80.25% so DR is 4921*80.25%=3949.10
      and your mother should get total pension of Rs 4921+3949.10= about 8870 + medical allowance.
      If you have not received any revised letter in the form-fp7.pdf enclosed after 18-3-13 from the office from which your mother is getting family pension your mother should immediately write to the office concerned that my family pension be fixed in t/o C.O/ ……… letter dated 18-3-13 and I be intimated of the same as per draft enclosed with CO letter.
      in case it has been done please ensure that it is as per examples given therein. in case of any problem you may write to C.O. and email to RD/officer-in-charge of the office concerned also.


  5. Gaurav 04/08/2013 at 11:36 pm #

    in last post i mentioned 14 lac as commutation but it was Rs 146126.


  6. 05/02/2017 at 4:53 pm #

    The family pensions payment are centralised in Bangalore. No TDS is deducted and suddenly- TDS is deducted.
    Bangalore office is just not replying to mails. Can anybody clarify. Thanks
    SRINIVASAN 08331881626


  7. S V Biwalkar 20/11/2017 at 1:23 pm #

    It appears that monthly MA (Medical Assistance) component has been excluded in the above calculation.


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