Dearness allowance /relief–a comparative study- central government employees vs.RBI/PSBs employees

14 Oct

Central Govt.


Base year
From 01.01.06 AICPIN  base (2001=100) 0ver (115.763 ) points i.e.
{above 536 points for Base Year (1982=100)}
AICPIN  base (1960=100)
 All India Consumer Price Index numbers(AICPIN) released every month based on year 2001(base Year)by Labour Bureau GOI
Average Calculations for existing employees
Average of Last 12 months prior to 1st January/1st July


Quarterly Average for Jan-Mar,Apr-June,
July Sept &Oct-Dec is taken.
Banks pay increase in May August Nov & Feb  IBA issues circulars for Banks & RBI for her employees.
Average Calculations for Pensioners
—-As above——
% Increase is circulated by Press Releases by GOI
out of figures for the last half year last quarters average Apr-June & Oct- Dec is taken
Increase is  paid in Feb & August
Average of AICPIN for the past 12 months – 115.76)*100/115.76

Example Calculations

Average of AICPIN for the previous quarter or the half year as explained above minus numbers merged in each category during the wage revisionsX %factor applicable to the scale

for details view the post


View Advance DA?DR  Slabs Calculator

View Pension Calculator


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