Index numbers-RBI Pensioners -projected increase in DA/DR slabs

10 Oct

Some requests have come from retirees for a calculation sheet that shows the likely increase in number of slabs based on Index numbers every month released by labourbureau.
The sheet below starting July 12  shows the minimum number of slabs available in Feb 13 assuming there is no further rise in Index numbers, although index is likely to rise more.
If you guess that the the future figure of Index is likely to be 215 in Sept 12, which will be published by the labourbureau  on 31st October 12 , you may enter your guess  in the column under Sept 12 and the current average would immediately change and consequently the number of slabs payable and related % of DR/DA to Basic Pension.You may even enter the figures that you guess for September 12 onwards till Dec 12 and you will get the change in increase in DA slabs  accordingly.You  can also calculate the likely  increase in number of slabs by changing the CurrrentAverage figure in the calculation sheet which is 213 now direct in the cell.

You may multiply your basic pension with the % increase given at the end applicable to the category shown under  the  (cat-1, cat-2  …)etc.  to get the likely rise in amount of DA.

Category  (cat-1) of the calculation sheet also gives the results for all the existing employees in RBI as they continue to get the DA rate which is equal to the DR rate payable to  pensioners who have retired on or after 1-11-2007, with the difference that the DA payable to the existing employees is calculated on quarterly average basis(1960=100)  whereas the DR to pensioners is payable on  half yearly average basis.This position shall prevail till the next wage revision which is due after 1-11-2012.

The figures are projections based on the available data and may not reflect exact likely increase in DA/DR that may be announced.
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